A first half goal from United’s Ander Herrera and a late own goal from Kyle Blackett meant that Arsenal and Manchester United had to settle for a draw at Old Trafford.

1. The Old Trafford nightmare is almost behind us now.

In two encounters in a season against United at Old Trafford, Arsenal picked up a win and a draw, with the later being a largely unimpressive performance yet a draw was managed.

The Theater of Dreams has been one of Arsenal/Wenger’s most dreadful places to play in, and so the above result is a clear indication that the Gunner’s Theater of Dreams’ nightmares is almost behind us now

2. Ozil needs to know that he can score goals too.

Mesut Ozil put up a fine display again today, but he is no longer the German we saw who returned from injury and started banging in the goals. It’s now as though he’s been told not to score.

Ozil’s style of play sometimes gets him in very good positions to shot. And today against United, he had a chance to test the keeper but instead he decided to pass to Giroud who was actually expecting him to shot.

The German can win us games if he shots when he has the chance to!

3. To be complete, Bellerin needs to work more on his defensive abilities.

Bellerin is a fine offensive full back. But to become a complete modern day defender, you need to be able to handle pressure as well.

Against United today, he was all through the game tormented by the trio of Young, Rojo and Fellaini.

Two goals has been conceded against Arsenal in less than a week, and both goals (simple crosses across the defence line) started off from his side of the defence.

Bellerin heeds to advice and so he should watch the footage of goals from Swansea and United to see how he has cost the team four points!

4. Is Coquelin tired?

Has anyone noticed the somewhat quiet games the Frenchman has had lately?

It is a fact that since his return in December, Coquelin has had more game time than most of his teammates.

We all thought it brought the best out of him, but lately, he’s looked like he could do with a rest.

Could he get that in the final match of the season maybe?

5. Ramsey will be a beast if he stays injury free

The workaholic Welshman!

When he first signed for Arsenal some years ago, not many would have thought that he would rise to become such a huge figure for Arsenal in games like this.

He’s even proved in recent weeks that he can play anywhere on the pitch!

Only, if only he can stay injury free next season, what a beast he would be for us.

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