Galatasaray was supposed to be the turning point in fortunes, in perception and appreciation for Podolski’s value to the Arsenal team, having put in what was a very good performance in both attack and defence. It does not seem so, however, as the player seems to still see himself as moving on from the Emirates, with a meeting reported to have held between him and the Istanbul club.

The rumours of his links with a potential move to Turkey have been stimulated further by a picture shared on facebook by Galatasaray’s senior team administrative assistant, Martin Cetin, which showed  him posing with the German International.

Podolski is indeed famous for his proclivity to the social part of his profession, easily been the club’s most frequent internet use, but it could be another signal of his imminent departure.

Poldi has, actually admitted to having held talks with Galatasaray in the past, which may suggest something of a fair understanding may have been struck.

“I spoke about Galatasaray’s interest in the past, I do not know what will happen in January” Podolski’s quoted as saying.

“Galatasaray did make me an offer, they have been in talks with me via my agent for a while”.

Podolski has broadcast his frustration at not having the amounts of game time he’d enjoyed over the past two seasons at Arsenal, with the arrivals of Alexis Sanchez and Welbeck pushing him down the pecking order in attack, where he’s been joined on the bench by other discontented players, most notably Joel Campbell.

Wenger has repeatedly had to dismiss suggestions that Podolski would leave in January, though acknowledging the striker’s frustration at not having opportunities to play. With Giroud, Welbeck, Alexis and Cazorla all firing, it does not appear, in all honesty that Podolski has enough to displace the likes of Alexis, Ozil and Chamberlain from the starting XI, with Cazorla even having to make do with a fish-out-of-water designation in a deeper midfield role, alongside the holding player. As much as many will be quick to allege his constant updates on the internet as the point where he must improve, it is more of a question of him not, perhaps, being as good as others in the team.

There’s been enough to show he can still force a way into some games, as his left foot is still the best when it comes to accuracy of shots and power. But his social antics suggest he very much appears to be one with one feet outside at the moment.

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