It was a bad weekend for Inter fans as their team were thrashed at home to Roma 1-3. Stefano Pioli the manager of Inter Milan had to face the media after the match and explain why his team played so badly.

The head coach said it was due to the strong opposition that they faced. He did not think that his team conceded many chances to score and that they were solid for most of the match. Pioli believed that the difference in the two teams was Romas ability to finish off chances with his team missing a number of opportunities.

Pioli was right in his assessment that his team misses too many chances but the truth is the team did not get started until it was too late. They were dreadful at the start which is surprising when you consider they have won their last eight games at home. After the result, Inter is now in serious danger of not qualifying for the Champions League. They are now six points behind third-placed Napoli who are in the last qualifying spot and the team will have to greatly improve if they are going to catch them.

Pioli says that it is now time for Inter to show the kind of team they are and to finish strongly. He wants his players to demonstrate that they can bounce back and stay positive. If his team are unable to recover it is likely that the manager will be replaced in the summer. It is going to be a big rebuilding job for anyone that take it on as they are going through a transitional period at the moment.

Pioli was not happy with the penalty decision and believes that his team is due some good luck. The manager claimed that Roma is extremely lucky and have been rewarded with far more penalties than his team. He then went on to say that his only requirement is that the players give everything they have. Pioli said that he did not have any excuses for the result and they will do better.

If Inter is not able to bounce back instantly then they do not deserve Champions league football next year. It looks like it is going to be a summer of rebuilding starting with a new manager. The manager’s tactics are not working and there are major problems at the back. Without been able to offer players to opportunity to play in Europe they will find it difficult to attract the kind of quality player they need to improve.

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